About Los Buenos Vecinos


Their products are simple, scaleable, and sustainable; tippy tap home wash stations; Tippy Taps large scale handwash stations for schools and public places, and water filters for home, community and school. 

The group LBV is located in the busy, friendly, authentic town of San Andres Itzapa. Chicken busses grind early and late to the sweatshops of Guatemala City. Itzapa is only 15 miles from the World Heritage City of Antigua, . Here, work horses outnumber pickup trucks, plodding nearly the daily round trip to the fields. The population, 87% Keqikal Mayan, are mostly campesinos, day laborers in surrounding corporate farms. The municipal district of San Andres Itzapa includes 10 mountain villages where most people are subsistence farmers. Average family income is about $4.50 per day. Nearly three fourths of the children are malnourished which causes physical and cognitive stunting. Malnutrition here is caused by chronic diarrhea which is caused by bad water and sanitation.

Children with chronic with diarrhea do not attend school.  

It is in those most vulnerable communities that Los Buenos Vecinos  find the greatest needs.

Since their inception in March of 2020, Los Buenos Vecinos  has provided 1000 (and counting) tippy taps to homes in six mountain communities.